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Re: Transportation and Accommodations for MoodleMoot
by CA Edington - Thursday, 12 February 2009, 10:07 PM
One of my private students gave me more information about the JR from Sapporo to Hakodate and back, as follows:

If you buy the regular ticket for round trip between Sapporo and Hakodate, it costs¥17,180 (without reserved seat:\16,580 )

R-kippu(Rきっぷ)is ¥14400 (reserved seats fee included).
The only one difference from the regular one is that you have to come back to Sapporo within 6 days.
You can buy an R-kippu with the return trip ticket open at Sapporo Station on Saturday. On the day of return, go to the counter (Midori-no-madoguchi みどりの窓口) , choose the train, and get the reserved seat ticket by showing your R-kippu at the Hakodate JR station.

If you choose the trains both way from the below tables, a bigger discount is available. It is named Waridoku kippu(割得きっぷ)and costs ¥12000. But these trains leave early morning or arrive late at night.

Sapporo → Hakodate
Super Hokuto No.2 (スーパー北斗2号)
7:00 10:11
Super Hokuto No.4 (スーパー北斗4号)
7:30 11:12
Super Hokuto No.20 (スーパー北斗20号)
18:13 21:48
Super Hokuto No.22 (スーパー北斗22号)
19:29 22:47

Hakodate → Sapporo
Super Hokuto No.1 (スーパー北斗1号)
7:04 10:18
Super Hokuto No.15 (スーパー北斗15号)
15:12 18:59
Super Hokuto No.17(スーパー北斗17号)
16:43 19:43
Super Hokuto No.19 (スーパー北斗19号)
17:55 21:31
Super Hokuto No.21 (スーパー北斗21号)
19:42 22:56

As for hotels, I was able to book one by going to https://www.hjr-ereserve.com/

Hope this is information is useful for others this weekend and/or in the future.