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Re: Enabling RSS feeds
by Laura MacGregor - Sunday, 1 February 2009, 03:22 PM
Dear Peter,

Well, I could do the first part as I have done before. I made an RSS block on the sidebar of the Film Studies page and put the feed for the Movie reviews page from The New Yorker magazine.

I used the feed from the site:

But I couldn't add a susbscribe button so students could subscribe themselves.

As you suggested above, it should be:

These two URLS are the same so, therefore, I have done something wrong.

What am I missing?

As for my theme, it is from New School Learning


at a cost. The theme is called Vitality, and you get all 8 colours with it.

The banner on the top page was made by a friend. We chose the words, she cut from news and magazines, arranged them in the collage and photographed them.

Thanks for your continued help,