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Yomiuri Newspaper has article in Japanese about Moodle
by Peter Ruthven-Stuart - Wednesday, 5 November 2008, 12:15 PM

This may be of interest to readers of Japanese, or to people wanting to 'persuade' colleagues to at least have a look at Moodle.

The YomiuriShinbun runs a regular feature titled Kyoiku-Runesansu (Education Renaissance). In today's paper (2008 November 5th) there's an article about Moodle. Although I am sure that there have been Moodle articles before, it's the first mention of Moodle that I have seen in a regular Japanese newspaper.

The title of the article is: 「仮想教室」討論を熱く ("Virtual Classroom" Heating up discussions) - my translation.

and the URL is:


The last sentence (国内では、名古屋工業大学や鈴鹿工業高等専門学校などで導入されている。), suggests to me that the reporter is some what out of touch with the reality on the ground. Any way, good to see that Moodle is making headlines.