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Re: Question Bank for both Quizzes and Lessons
by Peter Ruthven-Stuart - Wednesday, 29 March 2006, 05:09 PM

I would suggest that this development is even better than you suggest. In the past it has been possible to import GIFT formatted questions into a 'Lesson'. My understanding of the 'interesting news on moodle.org', part of which reads:

"the question bank and the question engine have been separated from the quiz module and can now be used from any activity module or other Moodle components"

is that it will soon be quite easy to develop a module that would allow students to custom build their own quizzes. In other words, students could access a moodle course, and decide that they have have x minutes to study, and so time for about x number of questions covering a certain topic or skill. Although this functionality is not yet part of 1.6, the separating of the questions engine and quiz module make this kind of 'autonomous learning module' a possibility.