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Free Moodle Hosting
by Don Hinkelman - Sunday, 29 June 2008, 08:26 AM
Dear Englishforum "Help Forum" Subscribers,

I just found out about a free hosting service for Moodle courses called: http://ninehub.com/

It offers unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth--too good to be true. I tried making my own site, and I found two unobtrusive Google ads at the bottom--not bad. Actually, it was so easy, I am tempted to suggest using this instead of Englishforum itself. Of course, you are also welcome to build and use a free Moodle course(s) here on Englishforum. With our new server, it should have no problem with capacity.

If you use Ninehub or Englishforum, remember you can always move your course along with the student data very easily. Click on "Backup" and a single zip file will be made of the whole course. Go to "Front Page" >> "Site Files" in your Admin menu and you will find that zip file stored there. Click on the zip file name and it will download to your desktop. From there, you can move to any same-version Moodle site in the world. You can also come here to this Help Forum or Moodle Docs for a step-by-step guidance in moving courses.

In case you haven't heard, the CALL Workshop (Oct 18) and the JALT Hokkaido Conference (Oct 19) have sent out a joint call for presentations here: http://jalthokkaido.net or go directly to the submission form here. Please submit an interesting classroom report or an assessment of your best classroom practice--with either low or high technology. smile

Best regards,
Don Hinkelman
Englishforum Moderator