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Using HTML in Names
by CA Edington - Saturday, 5 April 2008, 09:59 AM
When I first created my Moodle site, I was able to use HTML (“from scratch”) for making names (for quizzes, resources, etc.). That no longer seems possible. Now all the names return to a plain, blue font.

I want the names of certain resources and all the quizzes/assignments to stand out on the class page. By varying font size and color, I was able to call more attention to them, as you can see in the examples.

Here is what the quiz names used to look like, with only Chapter 18 in the default font.

Example of Previous and Current Names of Quizzes

Here is an example of the names for forums, resources, and a quiz the way they used to appear on the page using varied fonts. Now, although the summary can still be written with HTML, the names only appear in the default font. BOOOORING!!!
Mockingbird Names in HTML

Making labels could take hours of time. Any other suggestions?

CA (who's now using Moodle for at least five of her classes!)

P.S.) Hope everyone had a good time at the CALL Workshop. I was shivering in Fukuoka at the time.

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Re: Using HTML in Names
by Eric Hagley - Thursday, 29 May 2008, 12:07 PM
Unfortunately that's the way it has turned out. Perhaps an option is to highlight the things you want done in the weekly outline text section...