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How to register to Moodle handout free to use and edit
by Peter Ruthven-Stuart - Wednesday, 24 October 2007, 04:43 PM

At the CALL Workshop in SGU last Saturday, I mentioned to some attendees of the Moodle Workshop that I had made a handout which explains how to register to a Moodle site. People were interested in having a copy of this to use with their own students, so I am making it available here. It's an MS Word document so you can edit it as necessary. You'll need to change step 2, parts of step 12, step 16, and step 21 if you use moodle 1.6 or older. And instances of 'FUN Moodle' will need to be changed.

The MS Word document is 4 pages, however it prints fine to 2 sides per sheet, so can be printed onto one sheet of A4 when printed doubled sided: have a look at this pdf to see what I mean.

Hope this is useful to someone.