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Re: CALL Workshop - 20 October 2007
by Don Hinkelman - Friday, 19 October 2007, 02:33 PM
Dear Englishforum Members,

Tomorrow the CALL Workshop will begin at 10am with the following schedule. Check out maps, info and abstracts at the conference website:

CALL Workshop 2007 Schedule
Registration, refreshments and doors open at 9:30 am

Welcome: 10:00

Session I: Morning Workshops 10:10 – 12:15
1. Moodle Training Workshop--Three Levels, Peter Ruthven-Stuart, Eric Hagley, Don Hinkelman
2. Video Editing: 'Mix and Mash', Bob Gettings

3. Transforming a Course in English Phonetics with Moodle, Suzanne Yonesaka 10:10-11:00
4. Making Listening Activities for Moodle with Audacity, Ian Munby 11:05--12:00

Session II: Keynote Presentation 1:00—2:10
5. 「北海道大学における大規模英語オンライン学習 」、 河合 剛 (北海道大学 外国語教育センター)
Large-scale Online English Language Learning at Hokkaido University
Goh Kawai: Hokkaido University, Center for Language Learning

Session III: Afternoon Presentations 2:15—3:00
6. 「音声ソフトの可能性:eラーニングコンテンツ作成における音声ソフトの利用価値」 川名 典人 札幌国際大学
7. Using Social Network Sites for CALL Activities, B. Bricklin Zeff
8. Student-generated Video in the EFL Classroom--TV Commercials, Joseph Booth
9. Moodle's New Project Module, Andy Johnson

Session IV: Afternoon Presentations 3:05—3:50
10. One Year-Four Phase Plan for Improving Skills through Presentations」三角 美樹 札幌啓北商業高等学校
11. Web 2.0: From Consumers to Creators, Peter Ruthven-Stuart
12. Using Online Forums to Augment Discussions, Rob McGuire [cancelled]
13. Monitoring Student Responses to a Blended Learning Approach, Will Kay

Session V: Short Presentations/Case Reports 3:55—4:25
14. 学習管理システム(LMS)を使用しない複合型授業 川名 さなえ 札幌学院大学
15. Textbooks? No! Blended CALL for EFL Conversation Classes, Bob Gettings
16. Using Questionnaires in Moodle to Conduct Class Surveys, Martin Meadows

Session VI: Short Presentations/Case Reports 4:30—5:00

17. Using the Glossary Module in Moodle, Phil Radcliffe
18. How to Access or Set up a Moodle Site, Peter Ruthven-Stuart
Teaching Issues in a Blended Classroom, Tim Grose

Closing: 5:00

Networking Party: 5:15
(Tsubohachi, Bunkyodai--approx. 3000-4000 yen)