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CALL Workshop - 20 October 2007
by Don Hinkelman - Thursday, 13 September 2007, 03:47 PM
Dear Englishforum Members,

We would like to announce the CALL Workshop 2007 at Sapporo Gakuin University on Saturday, October 20th from 10am to 5pm.  All foreign language teachers are welcome to join.  The cost is 500 yen for materials and refreshments.

Also a reminder that September 30th is the closing day for you to propose a workshop or presentation to the .  The theme is "Creative CALL", so we especially welcome teachers demonstrating the creative ways they use technology in their classrooms.

Goh Kawai will be the featured presenter from Hokkaido University.  He is an enthusiastic teacher who has pioneered an online freshman English program at his university, complete with fun telephone conversation software. 

Please consider demonstrating your own unique work by filling out a simple form here at this site:  http://englishforum.sgu.ac.jp/callworkshop/

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Re: CALL Workshop - 20 October 2007
by Don Hinkelman - Friday, 19 October 2007, 02:33 PM
Dear Englishforum Members,

Tomorrow the CALL Workshop will begin at 10am with the following schedule. Check out maps, info and abstracts at the conference website:

CALL Workshop 2007 Schedule
Registration, refreshments and doors open at 9:30 am

Welcome: 10:00

Session I: Morning Workshops 10:10 – 12:15
1. Moodle Training Workshop--Three Levels, Peter Ruthven-Stuart, Eric Hagley, Don Hinkelman
2. Video Editing: 'Mix and Mash', Bob Gettings

3. Transforming a Course in English Phonetics with Moodle, Suzanne Yonesaka 10:10-11:00
4. Making Listening Activities for Moodle with Audacity, Ian Munby 11:05--12:00

Session II: Keynote Presentation 1:00—2:10
5. 「北海道大学における大規模英語オンライン学習 」、 河合 剛 (北海道大学 外国語教育センター)
Large-scale Online English Language Learning at Hokkaido University
Goh Kawai: Hokkaido University, Center for Language Learning

Session III: Afternoon Presentations 2:15—3:00
6. 「音声ソフトの可能性:eラーニングコンテンツ作成における音声ソフトの利用価値」 川名 典人 札幌国際大学
7. Using Social Network Sites for CALL Activities, B. Bricklin Zeff
8. Student-generated Video in the EFL Classroom--TV Commercials, Joseph Booth
9. Moodle's New Project Module, Andy Johnson

Session IV: Afternoon Presentations 3:05—3:50
10. One Year-Four Phase Plan for Improving Skills through Presentations」三角 美樹 札幌啓北商業高等学校
11. Web 2.0: From Consumers to Creators, Peter Ruthven-Stuart
12. Using Online Forums to Augment Discussions, Rob McGuire [cancelled]
13. Monitoring Student Responses to a Blended Learning Approach, Will Kay

Session V: Short Presentations/Case Reports 3:55—4:25
14. 学習管理システム(LMS)を使用しない複合型授業 川名 さなえ 札幌学院大学
15. Textbooks? No! Blended CALL for EFL Conversation Classes, Bob Gettings
16. Using Questionnaires in Moodle to Conduct Class Surveys, Martin Meadows

Session VI: Short Presentations/Case Reports 4:30—5:00

17. Using the Glossary Module in Moodle, Phil Radcliffe
18. How to Access or Set up a Moodle Site, Peter Ruthven-Stuart
Teaching Issues in a Blended Classroom, Tim Grose

Closing: 5:00

Networking Party: 5:15
(Tsubohachi, Bunkyodai--approx. 3000-4000 yen)