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Student Created Questions as a Moodle Activity
by Peter Ruthven-Stuart - Wednesday, 7 March 2007, 01:09 PM
Hello Moodlers,

I and a programmer have just started developing a new feature for Moodle, and am interested in your advice and comments. The purpose of these new features is to foster good self-study habits; i.e. autonomous learning.

The project is called the "SelfStudy Project" and will have the following features:
  • Phase 1: students will be able to create their own questions , which includes the writing of distractors and feedback. Teachers will be able to  grade these questions and then use them in Moodle quizzes.
  • Phase 2: students will be able to create their own quizzes consisting of self, peer, and teacher made questions. They will be able to share their quizzes. Possibly, they will also be able to work together in groups to create questions and quizzes.
  • Phase 3: both students and teachers will be able to generate customised on-the-fly quizzes. For example, a student could decide that they want to review a certain 'section'. They would access this new feature and generate a quiz by just indicating the 'type' and number of questions they wanted to do. Question 'types' will be indicated by a new labeling or tagging system, which will make it possible for questions to have multiple tags. This means that a student will be able to generate a quiz containing questions that fit specific parameters. For example:
    • questions that the class or individual student had got wrong more than X% of the time
    • questions that were about 'verbs'
    • questions that did / didn't contain listening
    • questions that the student had never tried
    • only 'short answer' questions
    • and so on
Jamie Pratt (the programmer) and I have just begun working on Phase 1, so any suggestions, comments or questions about this project will be most welcome. We hope to have created a beta version of Phase 1 by the 'summer', and depending on how that goes, we'll embark on the more ambitious phases 2 and 3.

If you have any comments, please reply to this message, or even better reply to my posting on the moodle.org site:

Thanks for reading this, and look forward to seeing you Moodlers on the 22nd March.