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wildlife (animals!) where you are?
by Joe Clark - Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 10:04 PM
Anybody else interested in wild animals. Any experience, or wonderful sights you'd like to share?

Here in the Jura mountains we have chamois, marmots, ibex and even linx (they were re-introduced in the 70s)- as well as the more 'common' animal like deer, red squirrels (which are in fact brown here), badgers, hares, pine and beech marten, etc. My parents actually saw a linx once - but they are very very hard to see - and I have never seen one.

Today I had the visit of 3 hoby falcons, on their migration south to the Sahara. They made such a racket - has one of them had plucked a great tit feeding in our garden. And we get lots of red kites, peregrines and buzzards. Wonderful. One bird present here in some rare places is the wall creeper, a small grey and red bird which clings to cliffs. Hope to see one one day, at our local nature reserve, Le Creux-du-Van (a stunning spot).

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