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CALL-Plus Workshop 2013: Call for presentations
by Don Hinkelman - Thursday, 12 September 2013, 05:28 PM
Dear Englishforum Friends and Colleagues,

Hope your summer has gone well. Here in Hokkaido, a large amount of rain has made everything quite green and cool.

For those of you who presented last year at the CALL-Plus Workshop, and we hope you will present again this year. It is scheduled for Saturday, November 16. Information is available here: http://englishforum.sgu.ac.jp/callworkshop/

We have re-titled our workshop, "CALL-Plus", because so much of blended learning is not just computers. When I went to WorldCALL in Scotland this summer, I was surprised to hear so many presentations on the theme of, "Flip the Classroom".

Flipped teaching is a trendy term for what we are doing already in blended learning, but as it is attracting so much attention that we decided to make it our theme this year (see attached flyer). Please think about how you have made "flipped" teaching a part of your EFL practice and share what you have learned.

So I would like to invite you to submit a proposal on your latest research, course material authoring, or program descriptions. Deadline is October 15th. Here is the direct link to the Call for Presentations.

Hope November 16th works out for you and feel free to pass this announcement on to others who may be interested.

With best regards,
Don Hinkelman
For the CALL-Plus Workshop Organizing Committee