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Re: Questions about Quizzes
by Martin Meadows - Wednesday, 3 April 2013, 05:06 PM
Question 1: (a) Yes there is. Site Admin > Plugins > Activity Modules >
Quiz > Change the question behaviour default to your preference.

(b) Yes, I think so. Following the same steps as (a), you
might actually want to change the default question behaviour to Adaptive
mode (no penalties) instead of Immediate Feedback. Adaptive mode is
described this way on the moodle.org site:
*Adaptive mode and Adaptive mode (no penalties) -
Allows students to have multiple attempts at the question before moving on
to the next question. The question can adapt itself to the student's
answer, for example by giving some hints before asking the*
* student to try again.*

Question 2: When you make a question, the default is 1 point for 1
question out of a total max of 100. You can change the max score default at
the same place as above, but I'm not sure how you would change the default
from 1point/question, or even why you would want to when you can change the
points to match the question. For example, if your total score is 50 and
you have 10 questions, even with each question set to 1 point, they're
effectively being weighted at 5 points each. As for why your current
quizzes are showing inconsistent points, perhaps that has to do with
settings made in previous versions of moodle?

Hope this helps,