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Re: Invalid Sesskey - Can't Log In
by Peter Ruthven-Stuart - Monday, 7 February 2011, 09:40 PM
Hello CA,

Am I right in saying that you copied over your entire moodle system over to a new server, including the moodledata directory?

The moodledata directory is where all files are saved that are uploaded to moodle courses. Also in this directory is a directory called "sessions" in which the "sesskeys" are saved. The problem I think you are having is that since you moved the directory it is either no longer writeable to by the web server (apache), or the session keys are invalid on the new server.

So, I think to solve your problem, first make sure that the server can write to this directory (chmod 770). If that fails, try chmod 777. If that works, it might be best to re chmod the directory back to 770. If changing the access permissions doesn't work, try deleting all the session keys in the directory.

Hope that works.

Will you be in Kochi for the Moodle Moot?