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Moodle Workshop in Kochi - February 22-23
by Don Hinkelman - Wednesday, 5 January 2011, 10:54 PM
Dear Englishforum Members,

Happy New Year! あけまして、おめでとうございます。

Thank you for your support of last October's CALL Workshop. This message is to let you know about a Moodle Conference in Kochi this February. In the past, Hokusei University or Sapporo Gakuin University hosted a Moodle Workshop every spring, but this year we are joining the bigger national program. For those who do not know about Moodle, it is an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS)--a website that can be used for quizzes, glossaries, and communicative activities in English and other foreign languages.

Here are the details:
  • What: MoodleMoot Japan (conference for Moodle users in Japan)
  • Where: Kochi University of Technology, Kochi, Shikoku
  • When: February 22 (火) to February 23 (水)
  • Who for: Beginners and experienced Moodle users and developers, teachers from all fields.
  • Language: half of the sessions are in English, half in Japanese
  • Schedule: 64 workshops/presentations/genius bars (see attached file)
  • More information: http://moodlejapan.org
The keynote speaker is Martin Dougiamas, the founder of Moodle, from Australia. I just got a three night hotel/air flight package for 57,000 yen, so it is not cheap to travel there, but not too bad if you can get your school to help. Kochi has a long relationship with Hokkaido. Here is a chance to return to the homeland of the Yosakoi Festival.

Have a good year, and if you need any help with Moodle, be sure to post a question on our teacher-to-teacher help forum.

Best regards,
Don Hinkelman
Moderator, Englishforum
"A community of Hokkaido language teachers using and sharing technology"

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