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Groups and Groupings
by David Campbell - Wednesday, 31 March 2010, 10:11 AM
I am sure everyone is busy getting ready for the new term, so I hope you will have time to help me with this.

In a course that I will be teaching I will have four sections (2 on Tues and 2 on Thurs). I want to use groups and groupings to separate the students by day of the week and class period. For that I have set up 4 groupings (Tuesday 2, Tuesday 3, Thursday 2, and Thursday 3) and also set up 4 groups (Tues 2nd, Tues 3rd, Thurs 2nd and Thurs 3rd). The reason I have done this is that I want the flexibility to assign different things to different sections depending on their needs, but still have all other information and links shared across the course.

I also want to set up groups within theses groups/groupings for different activities. For example, I could have 40 to 45 students in each section and I want to break them down into groups with 4 or 5 students per group for a speaking activity. They would then record information from that activity in a database or forum, but only for the members in their group. I would probably have the same number of groups every week, but I want the members of the group to change from week to week. Would I have to set up new groups with new names every week or can I keep the same group names (Group 1 -10)? Can I use the auto-group function or would I have to assign the members manually? Is this possible or am I making a lot of work for myself? Any suggestions or pointers to information would be appreciated.