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Re: User IDS & Enabling Japanese
by Don Hinkelman - Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 08:20 AM
Hi Suzanne,

At SGU, we put the student ID in the 'firstname' field, and their full name in the 'lastname' field. Everything sorts nicely. You can do it in reverse order and in your admin settings make a universal site setting to put lastname in the first position (this was an option for Asian nations).

Because we enroll 5000 students into Moodle, we do this via bulk upload, and turn on "single sign-on" so students can use the same UserID and Password as the SGU network. But if you have less than 100 students, you can have students do themselves as an easier strategy.

Remember, there is a "Reset" function in your course admin that empties the course of student data for a new term. I make a backup first and store it in case I want to access the student data later.

For Japanese language use, for three years, since version 1.6 of Moodle, all data is Japanese-enabled. I don't think you have to do any special upgrade procedure. So I am fairly certain you have a browser or keyboard input problem.


P.S. Can you present at the CALL Workshop? October 17th? Tim Grose has a few open spots.

Kawana sensei will be doing a keynote on the latest online tools for teaching reading and TOEIC.