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Re: Returning Essays to Students
by CA Edington - Thursday, 4 June 2009, 07:17 PM
Don - The suggestion about using Display a Directory was also made to me by Bob Gettings. This is something I'll play around with this weekend and let you know how it works.

To answer you and Eric, it doesn't matter that the students have access to one another's essays. They've already read them since they do peer feedback (using paper!). Also, I have them save their essays with their student numbers so they can easily identify their own.

As for online assignments, that's appropriate for some of the preliminary writing that is done, but I want the final drafts done on MS Word so that I can use the comment/review tool for editing.

And finally, Martin, that's right that I'm not able to see the students' email addresses, a problem that I wrote about on a separate forum. All the other info is there, so I'm still not sure how students get registered without a correct email address.

I appreciate everyone's feedback, especially since I'm doing more and more of my classwork through Moodle.