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Re: Moving a Moodle course from Englishforum to another server
by Don Hinkelman - Friday, 15 September 2006, 09:43 AM
>> So...I think Ian needs to upgrade. I am an administrator for the site, so I will do that after getting Ian's permission. Again, I'd appreciate your advice.

If Ian followed our advice here on Englishforum, he probably got a hosting service with Fantastico.  As you can imagine, Fantastico is fantastic!  Fantastico is a one-click upgrade tool for Moodle and other open source scripts.  You can upgrade his 1.5 installation to 1.6 in just seconds.  Just go to the Fantastico icon on your adminstration CPanel, and you will find a list of scripts, including Moodle.  smile

If Ian did not get Fantastico, well, good luck!  You will have to ask your hosting service for help, and it may take many hours.  sad   But if he has his own server running Moodle, we can help a lot.