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Project Format: Wish for the future revison
by Tetsuo Kimura - Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 08:39 PM

When I fold topics in the course page by pressing rectangular icon on the right side, all the topic numbers on the left side remains where they are. So it looks like that most of the contents disappear.  (--> see the attachment)

When a lot of projects are made in a course, it is getting to take a longer time to open the course page because of Project Format has a lot of icons.  So when editing one of the project, it is less frustrated to fold the topics and to show only the topic in the editing project.  But,

I forgot that I had done so in one of my moodle courses a few weeks ago, and I returned to the course today.  Then I got panicked a little when I saw the course page with many topic numbers but many of them have no labels or contents. It took a certain amount of time to realize that I folded the topics and that I have not lost anything.

So my wish for the future edition of Project format is that the topic numbers are folded when the topics are folded by pressing the rectangular icon as the dates are folded in weekly format.

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Re: Project Format: Wish for the future revison
by Don Hinkelman - Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 11:05 PM
Thank you so much, Kimura san, for your important suggestion. Could you send it again in Japanese? Then I can give it to Akio Ohnishi or his staff so they can work on it more directly and quickly.

Don smile