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groupings and groups
by David Campbell - Wednesday, 29 April 2009, 03:06 PM
I believe one of my problems is that I have been using the enrollment key incorrectly. I have two courses and for each one I teach two sections and another teacher teaches two. I set up groupings and groups so that we can give activity and recourses for the different sections, but the the other parts of the course are the same. When explaining to the students about enrolling in a course I gave them the course enrollment key AND the group key, but if I understand the docs correctly I should have only given them the group key. Is that correct or I am still not understanding the enrollment key concept?
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Re: groupings and groups
by David Campbell - Friday, 8 May 2009, 08:41 AM
With some testing I did discover that you only need to give the group key to the students and not the course enrollment key. Just a tip for anyone thinking of using groups and grouping.