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Re: account confirmation e-mail
by CA Edington - Sunday, 31 May 2009, 01:32 PM
Peter, I have followed the steps that you suggested:

However, there is a very simple solution to the problem of confirmation mails:
once students have registered,
  1. go to the admin section on the top page
  2. click on users
  3. click one Accounts
  4. click on Browse list of users
  5. click on the [Show Advanced] button <- top right
  6. select 'No' to the right of the Confirmed filter
  7. click on Add filter (this means search)
  8. you will then see a list of all people who have registered but not yet confirmed
  9. you can then manually confirm those people you know to be legitimate students
  10. you can then tell your students to ignore any confirmation message they receive from you
However, in step 9, I don't understand what is meant by “manually confirm” students. They are registered and using the site. However, their email addresses are still the dummy addresses that I inserted initially (except for the very few students who were able to follow the extremely long, complicated message that got sent to their keitai). As a result, I'm not able to contact most of the students through Moodle and don't even know their email addresses to be able to contact them through separate mail.

CIS (confused in Sapporo),